Kids' Favorite USB Flash Drive Hub

Everyone Loves Sharing These Days

Sharing is an essential element in a relationship, especially when it comes to friendship. It brings friends closer. When people share things with each other, strong bonds are built among them. Sharing can be in any form, from sharing moments on Facebook to sharing time with one another, to sharing material items.

Nowadays, social media is the latest form of sharing with others. Social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook affects our lives regularly. They allow us to share content and voice our opinions with people from all over the world.

Sharing is not restricted to only sharing moments, updates, and experiences with your friends on social websites. You can also share more meaningful things if you share something that your friend truly needs or something your friend can take it with him/her everywhere. When you share something with your friend such that you have the first half and your friend, has the second half, then every time you look at that item, you feel connected with that friend.

Sharebytes has paved the way in sharing photos and information with exceptionally stylish USB flash drives for kids. Sharebytes an 8GB USB flash drive set is divided in two 4GB USB flash drives that can be attached to a lanyard or worn as a necklace. You can keep one Sharebyte for yourself and can share the other half with your sibling or friend.

Keep sharing memories through Facebook and other social media, but enhance the sharing experience with ShareBytes USB flash drives.

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