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National Fire Prevention Week Oct 7-13

The National Fire Prevention Week was introduced in remembrance of the Great Chicago Fire, the disastrous 1871 fire that started on October 8 and continued till early October 10. When the 40th anniversary of this fire was observed in 1911, the Fire Marshals Association of North America announced that the Great Chicago Fire’s anniversary will be observed with methods that will inform the public about the significance of fire prevention.  In 1925, the US President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed a national observance of the Fire Prevention Week.

As it can be seen from the Great Chicago Fire, it is extremely important to be prepared for a fire. You should follow the instructions provided by fire safety officials in order to save your and your family’s life.

It is also important to save your data. In this cyber age, most of your data is on your computer. Hence, you should always back up your computer. If you fail to protect your data, you will lose a lot of valuable information such as tax records, client lists, and schedules.

Backing up is important and easy. There are a lot of ways you can back up your computer. One way to back up your computer is to use USB drives. You can use different flash drives to back up different sets of information. Make sure to keep the USB drives in a safe place, away from where you keep the computer. After all, USB drives won’t be much good if they are destroyed in the same fire as your computer. offers various types of USB flash drives to store data. The flash drives are available in different styles and designs which appeal to both kids and adults.

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